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Performing overall project direction functions for assigned
f)  Performing project execution functions for the electronics
aspects of assigned projects.
g)  Providing NAVFAC with specialized technical electronics support
when necessary for the successful prosecution of the facility efforts.
h)  Budgeting for or securing funding support of electronic design
and installation where MILCON funding is not applicable.
i)  Funding and development of Base Electronic Systems Engineering
Plans (BESEPS) for all approved MILCON projects.
j)  Planning, coordinating, monitoring and implementing the complete
installation where electronic equipment installation involves more than one
Systems Command or Program Manager (SYSCOM/PM).  This responsibility includes
identification of requirements, electronics design compatibility, monitoring
of resources to ensure proper tasking by the commands, identification of
problem areas, timely completion of the total electronic equipment
installation, and to act as a single point of contact for NAVFAC on all shore
electronics matters.
Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (COMNAVFACENGCOM) is
responsible for:
a)  Providing technical guidance and direction in all shore
facilities engineering matters from project inception to completion.
Providing Naval shore facilities technical support.
Performing overall project direction functions for assigned
d)  Performing project execution functions for facilities aspects of
all projects.
e)  Providing SPAWARSYSCOM with contractual and facilities
engineering support (such as award of installation contracts and provision of
Resident Officer in Charge of Construction (ROICC) services).
Maintenance Authority.  SPAWARSYSCOM exercises technical control
through regional and district offices, whose responsibilities include
installation and maintenance engineering of electronic equipment that is
beyond the capacity of station forces.  Regional and district offices
represent SPAWARSYSCOM for electronic control while the architect-engineer
develops the design.
Designer.  The architect-engineer (A-E) or equivalent Navy personnel
(hereafter called "the designer") usually enters design development after the
operational requirement has been established and before actual construction
begins.  The designer plans the building to satisfy the operational
requirements normally set forth in the BESEP and prepares project drawings and


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