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7.  electronic equipment areas of concentrated heat load and
requirements for special air conditioning or environmental control;
recommended locations of compressed air outlets, specifying
pressure and valve requirements;
grounding systems;
10. and internal security.
Requirements relevant to the specific site and supporting facilities are also
included.  The completeness of such information and the amount of detail
furnished to the designer depend on the circumstances of the project, and in
emergencies, may be brief and subject to augmentation as the project
Naval Shore Electronics Criteria Handbooks.  These handbooks will
aid the NAVFAC design agent in understanding the mission of the facility.  The
series provides background information and planning and technical criteria for
design of electronic facilities.  All referenced volumes included in the
series are listed in references.  The first six volumes address major
considerations for selecting, designing, installing, and supporting general
electronic facility systems.  The subsequent volumes address specific kinds of
NAVFAC Design Criteria.  The design criteria series presents
criteria for the design of facilities under the cognizance of the Naval
Facilities Engineering Command.  The NAVFAC design criteria referenced in this
handbook are listed in references.
Exceptions.  Normally, a project BESEP is prepared for shore
electronic projects.  On occasion, however, a project may involve electronic
equipment installations even though a formal BESEP is not available to
establish facility requirements.  The majority of these projects are under the
cognizance of the Commander, Naval Air Systems Command (COMNAVAIRSYSCOM),
Commander, Naval Sea System Command (COMNAVSEASYSCOM), Chief of Naval
Education and Training (CNET) or Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC), and
facility data are available from the major claimant command.  Equipment
manufacturers of many large systems (i.e. fire control, weapons, simulators,
etc.) supply facility requirement manuals as part of their contracts.


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