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coordinate all the elements of EMI shielded enclosure design prior to
submission for review.  When the shielding is included to meet a TEMPEST
requirements, copies of all submittals must be sent to the Commanding Officer,
Naval Electronic System Security Engineering Center, Code 220, 3801 Nebraska
Ave, N.W., Washington, D.C., 20393-5270 for validation of the requirement.
Review of Drawings.  The adequacy of the drawings and specifications
should be reviewed to avoid errors, omissions and ambiguities.  Some of the
items that should be considered are as follows:
a)  Compare the dimensions on the shielding design between the
architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical drawings.
b)  Verify the that the shielded enclosure is adequately detailed on
both the architectural and the structural drawing including area to be
shielded, type of construction, seam construction, location of doors, doors
are designed to allow adequate access and egress for both personnel and
equipment, vestibule, raised floors, dropped ceiling, penetration schedule and
electrical isolation if it is required.
c)  Verify that the structural supports, expansion joints and
structural members that penetrate the enclosure are adequately detailed on the
structural drawings.
d)  Verify that the waveguide below cutoff air vents are properly
shown and located on the mechanical drawings and that details are provided for
all penetrations, including pipes and ducts.
e)  Verify that adequate space has been provided for the HVAC
system, EMI power filters and communication filters and that the system are
accessible after constructed.
f)  Verify that the power filters are shown on the electrical
drawings floor plan and the one line diagram and that adequate space and
ventilation for the electrical power filters.
g)  Verify that the required grounding system is clearly shown
including proper isolation, personnel/fault protection ground and signal
reference ground and that the grounding system is detailed.
h)  Verify that the proper specification sections are included and
guide specifications are edited to avoid conflicts between specifications and
i)  Verify that the required shielding effectiveness for both the
filters and the enclosure are in the specifications.
j)  Verify that the required testing including the test frequencies
are included in the specifications.


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