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CONDUCTED EMISSION.  Electromagnetic emissions propagated along a power or
signal conductor, acting as a transmission line with conduit, shield, cable
tray, or earth as the return conductor.
CONDUCTED INTERFERENCE.  Undesirable signals that enter or leave an equipment
along a conductive path.
CONDUCTED SUSCEPTIBILITY.  Measure of the interference signal current or
voltage required on power, control, and signal leads to cause an undesirable
response or degradation of performance.
Energy transfer between circuits, equipment, or systems.
Energy transfer through a conductor/transmission line.
Energy transfer via electromagnetic fields not through
a conductor.
CUTOFF FREQUENCY.  The frequency below which electromagnetic energy will not
propagate in a waveguide without significant attenuation, or the 3 dB
attenuation or insertion loss point in electrical filter responses.
DEGRADATION.  A decrease in the quality of a desired signal (i.e., decrease in
the signal-to-noise ratio or increase in distortion), or an undesirable change
in the operational performance of equipment as the result of interference.
DOWN CONDUCTOR, LIGHTNING.  The conductor connecting the air terminal or
overhead ground wire to the earth electrode subsystem.
EARTH ELECTRODE SUBSYSTEM.  A network of electrically interconnected rods,
plates, mats, or grids installed for the purpose of establishing a low
resistance contact with earth.
ELECTRIC FIELD.  A vector field about a charged body.  Its strength at any
point is the force which would be exerted on a unit positive charge at that
point. (unit of measure)
ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY.  The ability of communications-electronics
equipment, subsystems, and systems, together with electromechanical devices
(for example, vehicles, engine generators and electric tools), to operate in
their intended operational environments without suffering or causing
unacceptable degradation because of unwanted electro-magnetic radiation or
response.  Radio frequency interference reduction is an older term for
electromagnetic compatibility and is considered to be synonymous with the
newer term, electromagnetic compatibility, which is preferred.
ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE (EMI).  Any conducted, radiated, or induced
voltage which degrades, obstructs, or repeatedly interrupts the desired
performance of electromagnetic equipment.  (Same as radio frequency
interference (RFI)).
ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE (EMP).  A broadband high power electromagnetic field
effect encompassing the totality of a system as an antenna and resulting from
a nuclear burst.


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