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Table 7  (Continued)
Summary of Far-Field and Interior Noise Levels
of Full-Scale Test Facilities
Position is 250 ft (76.2 m) from engine exhausts:  0 deg. is forward,
180 deg. is  aft.  Microphones are on the same side of aircraft centerline
as is the operating engine.
Positions are approximately on a line parallel to the engine axis.
Position 4 is approximately in the plane of the engine exhaust for F-4;
position 3 is approximately mid-engine; position is forward in the cell;
position is between positions 1 and 3.
Measurements at Miramar No. 1 were performed every 14 deg. around 250-ft
circle.  Data are tabulated for closest standard position; except, data
for 90 deg. are average of data from measurements at 83 deg. and 97 deg.
Personnel door was open, resulting in abnormally high levels at these
positions.  These positions were excluded when tabulating maximum level.
Throttle ring installed.
Throttle ring removed.
Data possibly affected by obstruction (buildings) within or on the 250-ft
A-weighted level affected by "screech", a tone in the noise spectrum,
related to interaction of shock fronts, which is an abnormal condition.


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