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[1] Aero-Thermal and Acoustical Data from the Postconstruction Checkout of
Miramar #2 El Toro Hush-House, Grunnet, J. L. and Ver, I. L., Navy
Contract N62467-77-C-0614, April 1979.
[2] Observation of Fluidynamic Performance of Miramar NAS F-4 Acoustical
Enclosure and Recommendations for Improvement, Grunnet, J. L., (Revised)
21 June 1973.
[3] Aerodynamic and Acoustic Tests of a 1/15 Scale Model Dry-Cooled Jet
Aircraft Runup Noise Suppression System, Grunnet, J. L. and Ver, I. L.,
Navy Contract N62467-74-C-0490, October 1975. (Includes Checkout of
Miramar #1 Hush-House).
[4] NARF-NORVA Test Cells 13 and 14 Diagnostic Tests and Recommendations,
Grunnet, J. L. (Aero-Dynamic) 1980.
[5] Phase I Report - The Effect of Test Cell Exhaust System Design on Exhaust
Plume Opacity - Analysis and Observations, Grunnet, J. L., Navy Contract
[6] A Study of Structural Failures in the Hush-Houses at NAS Miramar,
J. L. and Getter, G., Navy Contract N62467-81-C-0582, July 1982.
[7] Aerodynamic Measurements Made in the Marine A/E 32T-15 Engine Test
Enclosure at Cherry Point (F-402-2), Relative to Pegasus Acceleration Lay
and Subsequent Conclusions and Recommendations, Grunnet, J. L., Navy
Contract N62467-81-C-0582 (Change P-0003), 1982.
[8] Aero/Thermo Checkout of NAS Dallas Dry Cooled Jet Engine Test Cell,
Grunnet, J. L., and Helm, N. C., GGA Job 91000, January 1983.
[9] Aero-Thermo and Acoustical Data from the Post-Construction Checkout of a
Hush-House Located at NATC Patuxent River, Md., Grunnet, J. L., Helm, N.
C., Ver, I. L., Navy Contract N62467-81-C-0582 (Change P00006) October
[10] Aero and Thermodynamic Test of a 1/11.4 Scale Hush-House Augmenter Inlet,
Idzorek, J. J., Conducted for the U. S. Navy by GGA
[11] 1/15 Scale Cold Flow Model Tests of the Patuxent River Hush-House
Configuration, Grunnet, J. L. and Berger, J. H., Navy Contract N6001-77-
R-0182, December 1977.
[12] Phase II and III Report--The Effect of Test Cell Exhaust System Design on
Exhaust Plume Opacity-Model-Scale Plume Opacity Tests and Design to
Procedures Minimize Opacity, Grunnet, J. L., and Phillips, W. H., Navy
Contract N62467-80-C-0643.
[13] 1/15-Scale Cold-Flow Model Tests of a Hush-House with Simulated AV-8
Aircraft Exhaust, Berger, J. H. and Leuck, J. L., "GGA Job Number 92900
April 1982.


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