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and Tests Cells, Buckley, T. F., and McDonald, T. J., Navy Contract
N62467-81-C-0582, April 1983.
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Cone Augmenter Pickup for Hush-Houses and Test Cells, Ver, I. L. and D.
Anderson, BBN Letter Report submitted to FluiDyne Engineering Company, 16
June 1983.
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Hot Jet Simulating the TF-30-P-412 Fan Jet Engine, Morse, B. E. and G. E.
Monge, U. S. Ocean System Center, San Diego CA (August 1980) U. S. Navy
Contract Numbers N66001-78-C-2549 and N66001-80-C-2549.
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Station Miramar, AESO Report No. 332-01-82, December 1982.
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Engine Test Cell, Ver., I. L., submitted to Gustav Getter Associates by
Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc. 25 February 1983.
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[26] Noise Levels of the NARF Alameda Test Cell No. 15, Glass, R. E., NOSC TN
1299, December 1983.


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