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b.  COST AND BUDGET CONTROL - Effective cost control is essential to
successful project development. Establishment of an adequate budget and a design
cost control system at the beginning of a project and continuing application of this
system throughout the design process can prevent costly redesign of projects.
c.  SCHEDULING AND SUBMITTALS - Project schedules are established at the
outset to meet the customer's operational commitments and inserted in our master
scheduling process to balance our workload. Adherence to the established schedule or
notification of need for change is imperative. Incomplete and/or uncoordinated
submittals are a major problem and will not be accepted. During fee negotiations, the
Designer of Record should assure that the preparation period is adequate to allow for a
thorough review by the firm prior to submission.
d.  DESIGN QUALITY CONTROL - Design Quality is a high priority and is the
responsibility of the A&E firm. At times it appears that A&E firms rely on a
Government review to provide quality control for the plans and specifications. This, of
course, usually delays the return of submittals, involves additional time on our part,
and often ultimately results in a poor set of bid documents. Coordination among the
various disciplines as well as sections of the specifications is often a major problem that
need particular improvement. It is expected that your control program must be the
primary discipline to deliver the level of design quality expectation. Time spent
preparing a quality design package will reduce redesign effort and time spent
resolving problems during the construction contract phase.
4.  Where the provisions of this guide address the same subject as the contract clauses,
the contract clauses shall govern.
5.  Work of the A&E will be reviewed by LANTNAVFACENGCOM only to the extent
necessary to establish conformance with authorized scope and applicable Navy design
criteria, and to establish reasonable assurance that work can be completed within funds
authorized. The A&E shall accept full responsibility for the technical accuracy and
professional quality of all work and materials which are furnished under a contract
LANTNAVFACENGCOM is committed to Quality. To achieve this goal we . . . .
Expect professional performance from A&Es.
Insist on first class service.
Strive for environmental compatible solutions.


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