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EFD: Engineering Field Division such as LANTNAVFACENGCOM,
ES: Engineering services
FAR: Federal Acquisition Regulations
LANTNAVFACENGCOM: Atlantic Division, Naval Facilities Engineering
Command, Norfolk, Virginia, often referred to as "LANTDIV"
MCON: Military Construction - Navy
MILCON: Military Construction - DOD
NAVFACENGCOM: Naval Facilities Engineering Command, headquarters in
Alexandria, Virginia, often referred to as "NAVFAC"
OICC: Officer in Charge of Construction
OMSI: Operation and Maintenance Support Information
PEP: Parametric Estimating and Programming. The document prepared to
support a MCON project for Congress to approve the programming and appropriation
cycles. The PEP is a concept design effort and replaces the 0-35% design/Project
Engineering Documentation process. Preparation instructions are available for a PEP.
Project Manager (PM): The individual within the Acquisition Department of
LANTNAVFACENGCOM who serves as the liaison between the A&E and the
Contracting Officer. Unless specifically directed otherwise, all contact between the
A&E and LANTNAVFACENGCOM will be conducted through the assigned PM.
Variations to this standard procedure will be handled by special instructions prior to
negotiation and award of the contract. The PM is not authorized to modify the terms
(scope/price/schedule of performance) of a contract.
ROICC: Resident Officer in Charge of Construction, at a specific station or facility
designated by the Contracting Officer. He is responsible for the field administration of
construction contracts.
Mailing Address: All correspondence and submittals shall be addressed to:
Commander, Atlantic Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (Attention
Appropriate Project Manager), 1510 Gilbert Street, Norfolk, Virginia 23511-2699.


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