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An evaluation of the performance of the A&E is prepared concurrent with the
final review of the drawings and specifications or other services performed. This
evaluation includes a rating of the services performed in such categories as
thoroughness of site investigation, quality control procedures and execution,
plans/specifications accurate and coordinated, plans clear and detailed sufficiently,
management and adherence to schedules, meeting cost limitations, suitability of design
or study results, solution environmentally suitable, cooperativeness and
responsiveness, quality of briefings and presentations. The completed evaluation is
permanently retained in the A&E's file at LANTNAVFACENGCOM for review and
consideration by future Selection Boards and is distributed the A&E of record and to
other Government agencies (via the Architect/Engineering Contract Administration
Support System (ACASS), Portland, Oregon). A&E ratings are available for review by
the Designer of Record upon request to the PM.
Upon completion of the construction contract, a second evaluation is
completed by the ROICC with emphasis on quality and constructability of the design;
timeliness and response with respect to shop drawing review, clarification of
drawings/specification intent and resolution of construction problems, and
cooperation. This rating is used in conjunction with the rating described above in
determining an overall A&E rating.
Six programs currently exist to provide recognition of outstanding
A. Naval Facilities Engineering Command - American Institute of Architects
Biennial Awards Program for Distinguished Architectural Achievement (NAVFAC
Instruction 5061.6, latest edition).
PURPOSE: To recognize outstanding architectural design, encourage
professionalism, and promote excellence in design of facilities designed for
Industrial Incentive Plan. (LANTNAVFACENGCOMINST 4804.1C)
PURPOSE: To provide recognition for performance by a contractor in
excess of contract requirements, in one or a combination of the following areas:


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