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Better product.
Speed of accomplishment.
Savings to the Government.
Cooperation beyond the contract terms to serve the convenience of the
Command, the Navy, or the U. S. Government.
C. Department of Defense Design Awards Program (NAVFACINST 5061.6,
the latest edition).
PURPOSE: Promote excellence in architectural and engineering design
and provide motivation and recognition for architects/engineers who design facilities
for the military departments.
D. Naval Facilities Engineering Command - Institute of Business Designers
Biennial Competition for Achievement in Interior Design (NAVFACINST 5061.6, latest
PURPOSE: To recognize high quality interior design.
LANTNAVFACENGCOM encourages A&E participation in these programs.
For further information, contact the Architectural Branch Head, telephone 804-444-9901.
Exemplary Fulfillment of A&E Contract Services Awards.
PURPOSE: Recognition is provided for performance by contractors in
excess of contract requirements in one or a combination of several areas. This program
allows giving special recognition for exemplary performance in the delivery of
particular aspects of A&E provided services. Two types of awards exist for exemplary
fulfillment of one or a combination of A&E services. The first, given by the
Commander/Commanding Officer of an EFD or independent OICC, is the Certificate
of Appreciation granted for exemplary performance on a contract. The second, given
by the Commander, NAVFACENGCOM, is the Commander's Certificate of
Commendation granted for outstanding performance significantly in excess of contract
F. Design Excellence Award.
PURPOSE: Recognition is provided under the Design Excellence Award
program for exemplary performance in the provision of all aspects of A&E provided


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