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The A&E shall be responsible for the professionalism and technical accuracy
and coordination of all services such as designs, drawings, specifications, cost
estimates, and other work or materials furnished by the contractor under this contract.
The project submitted by the A&E shall represent the best engineering solution
possible for the scope of work in the A&E contract. All work must be in accordance
with current criteria, guides, and specifications established by the Naval Facilities
Engineering Command, and shall be in accordance with the best engineering practices.
Workmanship shall be neat with all lines and lettering of uniform weight and clarity
for complete legibility and satisfactory reproduction. Any computer disks submitted
must be scanned for viruses using a commercial virus scanning program. All elements
of submittals shall be checked by the A&E and such check shall be made by persons
other than those preparing the materials and by Professional personnel trained in that
specific discipline. It will be reviewed by the various departments in
LANTNAVFACENGCOM for compliance with Government requirements and
standard criteria. Errors and deficiencies shall be corrected by the A&E at no
additional cost to the Government.
Neither LANTNAVFACENGCOM's review, approval, or acceptance of, nor
payment for any of the services required shall be construed to operate as a waiver of
any rights or of any cause of action arising out of the performance of the contract. The
A&E shall be and remain liable to the Government for all costs of any kind which are
incurred by the Government as a result of negligent Performance of any of the services
Reimbursement of costs incurred by the Government as a result of A&E's error
and/or negligent performance are actively pursued by LANTNAVFACENGCOM.
Upon determination that there may be A&E financial responsibility involved, the A&E
shall be contacted by the ROICC. The A&E shall be advised of the design deficiency
and requested to provide a technical solution to the problem, including cost estimate.
The A&E shall be further informed that it is the ROICC's opinion that the A&E may be
held financially responsible, but that the final decision rests with the Contracting
Officer. A&E financial responsibility can include contractor extended overhead costs.
Therefore, upon notification of potential liability, the A&E should coordinate with the
directing official to determine required technical support and timing to minimize delay
costs. Pending final decision by the Contracting Officer, the A&E will be invited to
attend all price


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