Quantcast Constructions and Operating Permits -Cont.

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(a) Reviewing and certifying that permit applications are ready for
signature by the "Applicant". The applicant's name for construction permits shall be
"Commander, Atlantic Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Code 09A".
"Agent" or point of contact with the regulatory agencies will be established by the
Technical Code in the letter submitting the permit application.
(b) Submitting the permit applications and necessary liaison with the
appropriate regulatory agency. CNO policy requires permit applications be signed by
an O-6 or above.
(c) Attending public hearings as needed. The A&E may be
directed to attend any public hearings which may be held, but only the
appropriate LANTNAVFACENGCOM Technical Code shall be the official
LANTNAVFACENGCOM representative.
(d) If a public notice is required by a particular Government agency
(such as COE, VMRC, etc.), the Technical Code is responsible for ensuring that
advertisement is made.
(e) Forwarding approved permits to the PM.
(3) Where possible, the intent is to have the approved permits available at
the same time the 100% design is submitted to LANTNAVFACENGCOM for review.
NOTE: Several types of permit applications require final design information and
"approved" permits may not be available at the 100% design stage.
(4) For overseas activities, design and documentation for projects which
have environmental pollution discharges, shall be consistent with the Overseas
Environmental Baseline Guidance Document (OEBGD) dated October 1992. Final
governing standards (FGS) for specific countries are being developed to supplement
the OEBGD. The FGS for Italy, Spain and Greece should be completed by the end of FY
94 and for other countries by the end of FY 95. The A&E should contact the project
manager for any special constraints or considerations that may exist. Permit
applications for Puerto Rico require a Puerto Rico P.E. stamp.


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