Quantcast 35% Station Presentation -Cont.

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Site Plan
One Line Diagrams, Power and Special System Riser Diagrams
(FA, CATV, CCTV, Intercom, etc.)
(2) Basis of Design - See Section 4.
(3) Preliminary Color Design - See Section 4.3.
(4) Outline Specifications - See Section 6.
(5) Cost Estimate (if estimated construction cost exceeds the established
budget, identify potential additive bid items in accordance with the A&E Guide Section
(6) Geotechnical reports and foundation studies
(7) Proposed construction schedule and schedule of major utility outages
(8) Preliminary Calculations
(9) See Value Engineering Section 2.11 for VE Submittal Requirements.
(1) Upon receipt of contract notification to proceed to final design, the
A&E shall contact the Activity and establish a presentation date (generally 30 days in
the future); and advise the PM. The PM and AIC/EIC will attend on a case-by-case
basis depending upon location, complexity of the project, and schedule conflicts.
(2) The A&E will mail or hand carry submittals to the required
distribution 7 days in advance of the presentation date. This will allow all parties to
review and become familiar with the submittal.
(3) The A&E will conduct a "one-day presentation to walk the Activity
through the design. The results of the presentation are:
(a) Activity understands what they are getting.
(b) Activity concurs with basic design.
(c) The A&E has all the information needed to proceed to final
(4) The A&E will publish results of the meeting.


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