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(b) Where other than usual painting or wall covering schemes or
ceramic wall tile, graphics, built-in equipment or window treatments are used, labeled
floor plans, elevations and sketches using the color codes as necessary should be
(c) A color legend along with color notes should be completed
referencing and specifying all finishes used in the finish schedule.
(d) A color board identifying all finish colors listed in the finish
schedule, labeled with appropriate color codes. The board should be a reasonable,
transferable size (maximum size 20" X 30").
(e) Check with activity to ensure that collateral equipment list is
accurate. If necessary, revise the collateral equipment list and furniture footprint.
(4) Specification - photographic copies of fully edited guide specifications
supplemented as required are acceptable. Specifications must be thoroughly edited for
coordination with the drawings. See Section 6.
(5) Cost Estimate - See Section 7.
(a) CES Estimates:
1. Computer run estimate
2. Marked 35% estimate
3. Vendor/manufacturer quotes
(b) Manual Estimates:
1. Backup estimate with summary sheets
2. Marked 35% estimate
3. Vendor/manufacturer quotes
(c) Bid Items - if estimated construction cost exceeds construction
funds available, identify in conjunction with the activity additive bid items and
respective values with detailed back-up estimates required to produce a base bid
within available construction funds. See Section 6.13 for additional information.


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