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(6) Draft Environmental Construction and/or Operating Permit(s)
(7) Calculations - engineering calculations shall be neat, legible, logically
ordered, bound and indexed. Design data shall be clearly stated. Formulas and
reference sources shall be cited. Designers and checkers shall initial and date each
computation sheet. In addition to calculations required at the 35% submittal, electrical
calculations required at the 100% submittal shall include, as applicable, calculations
indicated by Attachment A. Upon request A&E firms using computerized design
procedures must submit, in conjunction with calculations:
(a) A description of the type(s) and configuration(s) used.
(b) Copies of all pertinent input and output data.
(c) Documentation of each program may be requested, including a
written summary of the program intent and function, assumptions, formulas,
numerical methods used, nomenclature, limitations of the program, and references
used in developing the program. In the event "non-proven" programs are used, a
computer run by the A&E of a check problem may be required by the reviewer for
verification at no expense to the Government.
(d) See Submittal Flow Diagram in Energy Conservation (Section
(8) Dust and Erosion Control Plan (See Section 4.5.8).
(9) Stormwater Management Plan (See Section 4.5.13).
(10) Manufacturer's catalog data of major equipment which was used as
basis of design. Data shall include dimensions, weights, and specified ratings.
Examples of major equipment requiring catalog data are:
(a) Switchgear/substations
(b) M-G sets
(c) Eng-Gen sets
(d) IDS


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