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APPROPRIATE SIGNATURES. The A&E is responsible for obtaining the
"Satisfactory To" signature of the Commanding Officer or the Public Works designator
of the activity prior to final submission of all projects.
All documents shall have the seal of the A&E responsible for the work as
required by Section 3.2. A firm or partnership stamp is not acceptable. Where the
firm's state of residency does not provide for professional sealing, compliance with the
state's normal requirements will suffice.
FINAL TRACINGS. Final tracings, masters and any other data developed
by the A&E shall become the property of the Government unless stated otherwise in the
For projects on AutoCAD (or other CAD systems) all computer aided
design disks shall be turned over to the Government as requested by the PM. Refer to
paragraph 2.7 for field survey submittal requirements. Scan all computer disks
submitted for viruses using a commercial virus scanning program.
(1) Original tracings plus 2 sets of prints.
(2) Final Specifications (Bond plus 2 copies).
(3) Interior Color Design.
(a) One color board displaying all materials labeled with color codes.
Maximum size to be 20" X 30".
(b) Two 8-1/2" X 11" binders containing all coded materials.
(c) Furniture footprint reflecting final collateral equipment list and
the color study when one has been required.
(d) Finalized finish schedule, color legend and color notes.
(4) Cost Estimate.
(a) CES Estimate
(1) Computer run estimate


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