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(5) Eight and one-half inches by eleven inches, black and white reductions
of the record copies.
(6) Photographs of the existing conditions.
NOTE: The A&E shall be responsible for making those modifications to the design and
to the presentation material requested by the Commissions and authorized by the
(1) Distribution and number of copies is Activity/project specific and will
be provided by the PM in the contract's Appendix A.
PURPOSE: Bilateral Agreements with certain countries require formal
Host Nation Approval of our work during the design process. Host Nation approval is
required prior to our proceeding to construction. The submission is required for all
projects that propose new inventory at the activity. Projects that propose renovation or
repair that alters the exterior appearance of an existing facility shall also be submitted
for Host Nation Approval. Documentation preparation is required as part of the A&E
contract and will be submitted concurrent with the PEP (or 35% submittal). Unless
directed otherwise by the contracted scope of services, the A&E shall not assume any
formal presentation or involvement with the Host Nation Approval process beyond the
scope outlined below. The countries are:
Portugal - U.S. text, no translation required.
Italy -
U.S. and Italian text required.
Iceland - U.S. text, no translation required.
Greece - U.S. and Greek text required.
ELEMENTS: The submission shall consist of the following components
formalized in standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch binder:
(1) Illustrative statement of the projects intent.:
(a) Purpose of construction
(b) Requirements to be met by this construction
(c) Type of construction proposed


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