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For the completed project all reference to building colors shall be on the drawings in
the color legend that is referenced to the finish schedule. Any finishes not referenced in
the color code columns of the finish schedule should be in either the comments section
or color notes. Provide a generic color board referencing the narrative.
NOTE: Informal liaison with the Architectural Branch, Interior Design
Section, telephone 804-444-9984, is encouraged to facilitate orderly development of
integrated colors/finishes.
D. A description of items not considered to be a permanent part of the
structure, such as work benches, shelving, bins and removable partitions.
E.  Analyze the design for compliance with DM-01.03, Architectural
Acoustics, and DM3.10, Noise and Vibration Control. Include a statement as to general
adherence to this criteria. When required, list areas of high noise and vibration and
acoustic design principles applied.
required to be accessible to physically handicapped persons shall be designed and
constructed or retrofitted in accordance with the Uniform Federal Accessibility
Standards (UFAS), Federal Register, (49 FR 31528 dated August 7 1984, as amended by
51 FR 18647 dated May 21, 1986) (reference (5e)). Requirements for new construction,
additions, and alterations vary and are specified in the standards. In general, all
facilities worldwide which re-open to the public, or to limited segments of the public,
or which may be visited by the public in the conduct of normal business, shall be
designed and constructed to be accessible to physically handicapped persons including
facilities constructed with nonappropriated funds, privately financed facilities on
military installations, and contractor-owned facilities where the Department of Defense
is funding all or any part of the construction. In fact, every facility should be designed
to assure access to physically handicapped persons unless "its intended use is
specifically restricted to able-bodied military personnel." Able-bodied military
personnel is defined as those military personnel considered to be physically fit for
duty. At least five percent of family housing units at an installation and not less than
one unit shall be accessible.
G. Computation of gross floor area in accordance with MIL-HDBK-1190.
Gross floor areas should be indicated on the drawings.


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