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H. Analysis of Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) requirements for all occupancies
involved. Determine occupancy classifications, calculated occupant load, number and
size of exits and other requirements. Describe unusual or critical code requirements
and indicate how such requirements will be met.
I.  Describe special construction features incorporated into the facility such as
barred windows, special wall/roof construction, raised computer flooring, RF
Shielding, HEMP protection, etc.
J.  The architect shall identify to the structural designer all partitions, i.e.,
non-loadbearing walls (full height and less than full height), so that required
strengthening can be determined. These considerations shall include seismic, wind and
other dynamic loads applied to these walls. The partitions may be wood or steel stud
framed, or CMU. Appropriate control joints shall also be considered.
A. Description of foundation conditions, type of foundation to be used,
method by which the allowable bearing values are to be determined, and maximum
allowable bearing capacity for the foundations. Geotechnical information including
field boring notes and report of recommendations shall be submitted.
B.  Statement of the type of construction adopted, and reason therefor, with
capacity, dimensions, or other size criteria, and list of material selected with design
C. Special features to be included in the structure which are not evident from
the drawings.
D. Description of the structural floor and roof systems proposed, with length,
spacing and size of principal members (for beam and girder, etc.).
E.  Description of the Lateral Force Resisting System proposed with
appropriate materials and dimensions.
F.  Statement of live loading to be used, to include floor loads, wind, snow,
earthquake, etc., with data to justify.
G. Statement of any special considerations that affect the design (e.g.,
"superflat floors" for high stacking warehouses, special corrosion resistance
requirements, retractable roofs, etc.).


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