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H. Contact the cognizant PM for extent of crane design required. Include
special considerations as to crane and monorail requirements; i.e., special architectural-
structural considerations, area of service, and type of system.
I.  The usual accepted means of structural system selection is economy.
Demonstrate this with computations of various appropriate framing systems and cost
comparisons of each, including:
(1) `Typical bay" member sizing and cost comparisons of alternate
structural systems;
(2) Horizontal force resisting system for wind and earthquake;
(3) Consideration of unusual geometry (long span, high bay, deep cuts,
(4) Consideration of heavy equipment supports.
A. Provide site plan showing layout and utility connections. It is
LANTNAVFACENGCOM policy that site plans shall be drawn to a scale of 1" = 25'
whenever feasible, allowing for ease of conversion to the metric system and aid in the
eventual compilation and updating of utility and planning maps.
B.  Describe and quantify the dredging requirement, proposed disposal-plan,
status of the dredging permit, and status of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
Identify dredge depth and quality control procedure requirements.
A. Identify with a narrative description the pollution that will be generated
on-site during construction and a proposed method that can be specified to control the
pollution. A detailed description of construction pollution control shall be outlined in
the basis of design for air pollution, pollution to ground and surface waters and the
central prohibited discharges to on-site sewage systems. Provide as appropriate the
elements proposed for final design needed for a storm water pollution prevention plan.
B.  Environmental Operating Permits - Identify by a narrative description
each of the permits needed to operate the proposed design. Identify assumptions and
limitations that are proposed as a basis for design. Address discharge limitations of air
and water pollution with regard to MIL-HDBKs and regulatory requirements.


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