Quantcast Asbestos,Lead Based Paint,and Toxic Waste

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The above requirement is particularly related to designs for incinerators, sewage plants,
water plants, industrial process facilities, power and heat generator facilities, and solid
waste handling facilities. When subsurface tile filtration is being considered for sewage
disposal, a soil percolation test will be required for each such disposal system.
C. Design of Oil Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC)
systems shall be in accordance with Federal Register, Title 40, Part 112 titled "Oil
Pollution Prevention." The Civil Engineering Branch will provide detailed criteria for
incorporation of SPCC design into basis of design.
A. The A&E shall investigate for the presence of asbestos or toxic waste
materials that will be disturbed in any way by the proposed work. The A&E shall
determine the scope of the investigation, using information in the guide specification
NFGS-02080 as guidance, and enlisting the advice of consultants. The project architect
should develop scope for miscellaneous building materials, the mechanical engineer for
HVAC and process systems, and the electrical engineer for power manholes and other
wiring systems. It is important to realize that debris from one discipline's work can
adversely effect the work of others. The ROICC Office and Public Works Department
responsible for the project site are also excellent sources of historical data from past
similar work or Station developed repairs. A certified testing laboratory shall be used
to sample and test the suspected asbestos, lead based paint or toxic waste materials.
However, the A&E shall review the work of the laboratory and require additional tests
that may be required to fully determine the extent of the asbestos, lead based paint or
toxic waste materials. Change orders for additional testing are appropriate. Two (2)
copies of testing laboratory results shall be provided to LANTNAVFACENGCOM. If
asbestos, lead based paint or toxic waste materials are found, the A&E shall indicate the
extent of asbestos, lead based paint or toxic waste removal in the project documents
and specify removal procedures in accordance with applicable regulations and in
sufficient detail for the contractor to submit an accurate bid. (Note - Pipe insulation
shall be indicated by major systems on "as-built" type drawings, etc.). If testing is
performed and the material does not contain asbestos or lead based paint, add a note
on the drawings to the effect.
For asbestos removal, several different cleanup scenarios are presented:
(1) Complete Cleanup: A project is scoped for removal of all asbestos
bearing materials within a crawl space. In this case, the A&E shall be requested to take
asbestos insulation samples (pipe coverings), soil surface contamination samples
(debris), and soil contamination samples. The results from testing the soil and soil
surface contamination samples will be used to determine the scope of cleanup


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