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(7) CP and Protective Coatings for projects prepared under contract to
EFA Med shall be reviewed by LANTNAVFACENGCOM.
F.  The LANTNAVFACENGCOM points of contact for CP are
Mr. Karl D. Liebrich, Code 4041, telephone 804-444-9966, and Mr. David F. Jutton,
Code 1614C, telephone 804-445-2964. They should be contacted for design
requirements and coordination with existing CP systems.
4.5.10 FENCING
State type, height, and justification for fencing.
A. State general soil conditions, outline the soil exploration and testing
performed or to be performed, and such results thereof as may be available.
B.  State type of service for which railroad track will be provided, anticipated
volume and type of traffic, the ruling grade, and the maximum curvature.
C. Describe proposed type, source and thickness of ballast, weight of rail and
source, treatment, and dimensions of ties proposed.
A. State the type of classified material to be stored and describe the specific
construction standards required by OPNAVINST 5510.1G, Department of the Navy
Information and Personnel Security Program Regulation.
B.  State the category of Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (A&E) to be
stored and describe the level of protection required by OPNAVINST 5530.13, Physical
Security Instruction for Sensitive Conventional A&E.
C. Based on consultation with the activity's Security Officer and OPNAVINST
5530.14B, Navy Physical Security and Loss Prevention Manual, state what areas will be
designated as restricted areas. Describe the provisions incorporated in the design to
ensure the proper level of control in these areas.


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