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D. Cooling
(1) Comfort Cooling - The air-conditioned inside design temperature for
personnel comfort should be 15F [9.4C] less than the 2-1/2% outside dry bulb
weather condition, but should not exceed 78F [25.6C] dry bulb or be less than 75F
[23.9C] dry bulb. The design relative humidity should be 50% minimum or the design
temperature equal to the outside air dew point design temperature, whichever is less.
(2) Psychometric calculations shall be illustrated on psychometric charts
and submitted with prefinal.
(3) "Humid Area" criteria is provided in MIL-HDBK-1190. For areas
which this applies, see Table T-1 included at the end of this section.
(4) Provide a complete description and schematics of the cooling system
proposed including an explanation of why this system is preferred over others. Also
indicate locations of major components of the system. For larger systems which qualify
under energy conservation, a computerized comparison between at least two systems is
(5) Provide a statement of areas to be cooled for determining whether air
conditioning is authorized in accordance with MIL-HDBK-1190.
(6) Identify special humidification or dehumidification requirements, as
well as special filtration requirements.
E.  Combination Systems - For systems in which the heating, ventilating
and/or cooling are combined, repetition may be eliminated by consolidating the
Briefly describe the HVAC Control System type and functions.


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