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1.  The Design Energy Target figures apply only to buildings and energy consumed within the five-foot
line of the building, except for the following cases:
a.  Where a package chiller, cooling tower, air cooled refrigeration condenser, transformer or
substation, or heating plant is located outside the five-foot line but serves only one building, the energy
required to operate these facilities shall be chargeable to the building.
b.  Where facilities as noted in la above serves two to four buildings, the energy requirements shall
be prorated among the buildings. Where such facilities serve five or more buildings, these facilities shall
be considered in the category of central plants.
2.  Losses from steam, chilled water, high temp water or hot water distribution lines beyond the five-
foot line are not chargeable to the building energy consumption except as provided in 1.b above.
Exterior lighting beyond the five-foot line is not chargeable to the building energy consumption.
4.  Building Design Energy Targets include the energy required for space heating, space cooling,
domestic hot water and lighting.
5.  Design Energy Targets relate to building gross square feet. For MILCON projects this should be as
shown on the Project's DD Form 1391. Gross area is the sum of all floor areas of a building including
basements, cellars, mezzanines, other intermediate floor tiers and penthouses. All measurements shall
be from the exterior wall of the building or from the center line of party walls.
For the purpose of calculating Design Energy Targets the following conversion factors will be used:
3,413 BTU per kilowatt hour
138,700 BTU per gallon
Fuel Oil
Natural Gas
1,030,000 BTU per thousand cubic feet
95,500 BTU per gallon
Liquified Petroleum Gas
(including Propane and Butane)
Anthracite Coal
28,300,000 BTU per short ton
Bituminous Coal
24,580,000 BTU per short ton
Purchased Steam or Steam From
1,000 BTU per pound
Central Plant
Use the heat value based on the
High Temperature or Medium
temp of the water actually delivered at
Temperature Water from Central Plant
the building five-foot line.
Form T-2


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