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F. INCORRECT: "See Arch. Sheets"
"See Sheet A-4" (Refer to a specific sheet number.)
Figure 5.14.1 represents a typical drawing developed to present boring logs
(includes groundwater observations), soil conditions, and testing accomplished during
design. This information in the format shown shall be included on the contract
drawings for all projects on which soil information is obtained. The boring logs and/or
test data presented shall be accompanied by notes to adequately explain all elements of
logs and/or test data. Required notes shall also include reference to drawings showing
plotted boring locations if they are not shown on a boring location plan on the boring
log drawings.
For Iceland, all continental Europe, Africa and Mediterranean Area projects;
Provide all plan layouts in metric dimensioning. English dimensioning will be utilized
wherever products to be procured are anticipated to be manufactured in English units
(i.e., 2' x 2' suspended acoustical ceiling tiles). Design calculations shall be in the same
units as are the drawings. The detailed cost estimate shall also be in the same units as
the drawings and in the local currency, as appropriate. Specifications shall have the
dimensioning dependent on the source of the material (i.e., concrete pipe is a local
product to be primarily dimensioned in metric, whereas mechanical and electrical
items may be purchased in the U. S. and thus will be primarily dimensioned in
English). The key is use what is appropriate in the Host Nation. When metric
dimensioning is used, it should be based on actual building products of that country.
European standards shall be utilized in lieu of strict metric dimensioning (i.e., 300 mm
pipe for 12" pipe, in lieu of 304.8 mm, shall be used. Do not use eight inch masonry
coursing and then translate those dimensions to metric units; course a building out in
metric materials).
For all NATO Projects: For Type "B" Cost Estimates all units of measure shall
be metric (with dual U. S. units, if desired). This applies to both the drawings and the
explanatory report. For final design documents units of measure shall be whatever is
standard for the Host Nation.


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