Quantcast 100% Submittal (Complete Specifications)

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Low-Voltage Switchgear and Secondary Unit Substations:
Interior Wiring Systems:
Copper conductors in rigid steel conduit, except where electric
metallic tubing is permitted; panel boards.
Pad Mounted Transformers:
Pad mounted transformers and metering.
Interior Lighting:
Fluorescent fixtures, two lamp and four lamp, surface mounted; high
pressure sodium fixtures; emergency lighting.
Exterior Lighting:
High pressure sodium fixtures; low pressure sodium fixtures;
fiberglass, concrete, steel, aluminum and wood poles.
NOTE: When a 35% submittal is not required, the A&E must advise the
Specifications Branch Head of which documents (normally forwarded to the A&E
when 35% submittal is returned) are needed.
B.  100% SUBMITTAL (COMPLETE SPECIFICATIONS. Specifications for the
100% submission shall be to the best of the A&E's knowledge, complete, with all
elements thoroughly checked and coordinated with the drawings and with sufficient
detailed information to permit accurate bidding and construction of the project.
Particular emphasis shall be placed on coordination of the various elements of the
specification where portions are prepared under subcontract to the A&E contract.
Specifications shall be prepared using the SPECSINTACT System software. Do not
translate to another software. For the 100% submittal of the specification,
NAVFACENGCOM guide specifications shall be edited and photographic copies
submitted for review. This may be accomplished by editing in the computer and
making copies of the printout, or by editing hard copies of guide specifications and
making copies of the edited versions. Additional specifications not covered by
NAVFACENGCOM guide specifications shall be typed in SPECSINTACT format and
submitted for review. All specifications shall be bound in one single volume.
At present, except for Iceland, all contracts are administered under a formal
quality control system. Under this system the contractor's quality control manager
approves all shop drawings except those specifically designated by the project
specifications for approval by the Contracting Officer.


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