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specification requirements are priced with particular attention to Division One and the
wage rates. Size, material quality, and type of item shall be part of the description to
enable unit cost verification without constant reference to drawings and specifications.
Preliminary Estimate Based on Materials Take-Off. The estimate for this
submittal shall reflect cost based on reasonably accurate take-off of materials/systems
consistent with the level of design. For those elements of the project where the status of
design does not permit a reasonably accurate take-off of quantities or firm pricing of
individual items of work, systems unit prices may be used. Lump sum costs are not
acceptable. Use of empirical costs shall be minimized. The estimate may be
submitted two weeks (maximum) after the submittal of drawings to ensure an estimate
based on "as submitted" drawings and specifications.
Separate estimates will be prepared for each new non-identical building,
structure, or addition costing over $50,000 contract cost. Costs of alteration work to
existing buildings will not be included with the building addition costs. When one
construction contract contains more than one type of work (i.e., new construction,
repair, equipment installation, etc.), the estimate shall be structured such that each type
of work is identified separately. In addition to a master summary sheet, each type of
work requires a separate summary sheet. Costs from these separate summary sheets
must be directly transferable to the master summary sheet.
Beginning with the 35% estimate, a separate line item must be included for
Contract Quality Control (CQC) projects. CQC is a contractor responsibility inspection
system added to most projects that exceed $2,000,000 in construction cost. Unless
directed otherwise, allow 3% of the construction cost for CQC. CQC is not used on
dredging projects or in Iceland.
Thirty-Five Percent Estimates Should Monitor the Estimated Construction Cost
During Design. The 35% estimate may be either in manual (use standard CES Systems)
or CES format. The 35% estimate, through adjustments, should monitor the estimated
construction cost until the prefinal estimate is prepared. It is very important that if the
estimate indicates that the design exceeds the allocated funds, the PM be contacted for
The 100% estimate shall be prepared from the 35% submittal documents. The
estimate may be submitted up to two weeks after the 100% submittal. A narrative


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