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description of each system shall be provided in the estimate. This narrative and the
System Cost are related in subsequent CES historical files. Quotations must be
obtained for all items of substantial quantity or cost. Price sources shall be in the form
of written quotations or may be taken by telephone and included with the estimate. In
either case provide the company name, person contacted and date of quote. Costs in an
estimate are considered to be a reasonable price that a contractor would be expected to
pay. Estimates which do not conform to these format and information requirements
will be returned for revision. The A&E must compare the estimate with the
authorized scope of work and authorized funds. Separate systems within an estimate
must be prepared for each bid item identified in the specifications, including unit costs
for piling, and shall be submitted in the proper format.
For all projects over $500,000, and for all new buildings or additions over
$100,000, a CES estimate is required. Unique projects not readily adaptable to CES may
be discussed with Cost Engineering Branch. For negotiated construction contracts, see
paragraph 7.3. Hard copies of estimates will be required for each submittal. The CES
program, data base and User's Guide are included on the Construction Criteria Base
(CCB) compact disc. Call the Cost Engineering Branch, telephone 804-444-9768, if the
CCB is not available. Include the following reports (menu selections) with each
A. Input listing (sorted)
Summary - Yes (choose "No" for summary %)
C. Mark-up
D. Modifier
Detailed Estimate with Systems Sort
F. Spec Section Summary
Contact should be made with the PM prior to the 100% submission to
reconfirm programmed construction costs for the contract. Where A&E estimate
exceeds programmed construction costs, recommendations for cost reduction or
proposed bid items must be provided with the prefinal submission. The estimate may
be submitted not more than two weeks after drawing submittal to ensure an estimate
based on "as submitted" drawings and specifications.


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