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(a) Assisting the ROICC in final field checkout of basic mechanical
and electrical systems.
(b) Witnessing final acceptance tests for HVAC systems.
(c) Witnessing and certifying construction contractor compliance with
field test procedures for specialized mechanical, electrical and electronic systems
designed for the project. Such services shall be performed by registered professional
engineers and include the A&E's certification of compliance by the construction
contractor with all specified test procedures, a critique of the data obtained and the
stated or implied results of the tests performed.
(3) The preparation of all changes or additions to the drawings or
specifications, amendments, change orders and cost estimates resulting from a change
in scope, unforeseen conditions, or other modifications. Such drawings, specifications,
amendments, change orders and cost estimates shall be prepared in accordance with
the provisions and standards set forth in this A&E Guide. In such cases, the A&E shall
assure through discussions with the ROICC the timing required for preparation of such
documents to minimize delay to the construction.
(4) Evaluation of construction contractor proposed exceptions or variations
to the requirements of the contract documents (beyond the scope of routine shop
drawing submittal deviations).
(5) Evaluation of construction contractor Value Engineering Change
Payment for reimbursable consultation services, whether performed in the
A&E's office or at the construction site, will be made on a cost per manday (8 hour)
basis. The number and cost of reimbursable consultation mandays required both at the
site and in the A&E's office will be discussed during fee negotiations, and the A&E
Contract will stipulate a lump sum price for consultation reflecting these negotiations.
This lump sum price is contingent upon the scale, type and complexity of construction
as well as the amount of funds available. It should be noted that although the lump
sum contracted price for consultation reflects the anticipated amount of consultation
required, no minimum amount is guaranteed. Payment for consultation services will
be made on an "as requested" basis.


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