Quantcast A & E Tasks and Responsibilities for Design Field Support

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E.  100% Construction Completion Review (1 day): Team normally to consist
of Architect, Mechanical Engineer (HVAC), Electrical Engineer and one other technical
F.  Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) (1 day field time at site, 1 day office
time): Team normally consists of Architect, Mechanical Engineer and Electrical
Engineer. This site visit will be conducted with a representative from
LANTNAVFACENGCOM, ROICC and Public Works, and will include consultation
with the users. It would generally be held about 10 months after occupancy.
The A&E or the ROICC may propose an alternate number of visits or alternate
or additional personnel team members from those listed above for negotiation where
warranted by the type, complexity, scale, or location of the construction. The ROICC
will approve or disapprove any proposed variation in the negotiated frequency or
makeup of team visits.
A&E participants in the construction progress reviews shall be alert to and
document the presence of perceived deficiencies in the construction work and shall
note potential coordination problems which may be avoidable. The construction
progress review teams shall not conduct tests of equipment or systems and shall not
disturb the work performed by the construction contractor in any manner that might
cause the construction contractor to have to perform additional work. The A&E shall
provide construction contract drawings and specifications for team participants to use
during the construction progress reviews.
At the conclusion of each team review, which shall take no more than six
hours, the A&E shall informally advise the ROICC of any observed deficiencies in
construction or coordination problems. A handwritten report of all observed
deficiencies and potential coordination problems shall be prepared at the site
immediately following the team reviews and given to the ROICC. One additional copy
of each report shall be forwarded to the PM. The handwritten report shall identify the
construction contract, the A&E firm and Government participants in the team review
and their specific disciplines. Each observed construction deficiency shall be addressed
separately in the report by citing the specific construction contract requirement
(specification paragraph or drawing detail) which pertains to the observed deficiency
and stating specifically how the observed construction differs from that required in the
construction contract documents or from that intended by the designer. The A&E shall
also comment on the advisability of corrective measures to be taken in such instances.
The A&E shall also comment on observed coordination problems such as, for example,
where installation of mechanical work and either structural work or architectural


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