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(7) Section 11400 - Food Service
Catalog Data: Food service equipment
Drawings: Equipment layout, utilities, custom fabricated equipment
Test Reports: Food service equipment
(8) Section 11702 - Medical Equipment
Catalog Data: Medical equipment
Drawings: Equipment layout, utilities
Certificates of Compliance: Medical equipment
(9) Section 12333 - Wardrobes
Review all submittals
(10) Section 12337 - Casework, Metal and Wood
Catalog Data: Casework
Drawings: Wall and base cabinets, countertops
Samples: Colors, finishes
Certificates of compliance: Cabinets
(11) Section 12391- Residential Kitchen and Vanity Cabinets
Catalog Data: Cabinets, countertops, hardware
Drawings: Layout, details, dimensions
Samples: Cabinet finishes, countertop finishes
Certificates of Compliance: Cabinets, countertops
(12) Section 12711 - Theater Seating
Drawings: Theater seats, seating layout
Samples: Upholstery material, theater seats
(13) Section 14200 - Electric Elevators
Section 14214 - Hydraulic Elevators
Catalog Data: Cars, doors, frames, accessories
Drawings: Layout, cars, doors, frames
Sample: Elevator car flooring
(1) Division 2 - Steel Sheet Piling and Prestressed Concrete
Sheet Piling
Shop Drawings and Calculations
(2) Section 02720 - Storm Drainage System
Shop Drawings for Precast manholes, including Calculations


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