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(3) Section 02491 - Pier Timberwork
Shop Drawings
(4) Section 03300 - Cast in Place Concrete
Shop Drawings for Reinforcing Steel
(5) Section 03361 - Shotcrete
Reinforcing Steel Drawings
(6) Section 03498 - Concrete Poles
Shop Drawings
(a) Concrete Poles
(b) Reinforcing Steel
(c) Prestressing Steel, including design calculations
(7) Section 03410 - Precast Concrete
Shop Drawings
Revision to design, including design calculations
(8) Section 03411 - Precast Concrete Wall Panels
Shop Drawings and Descriptive Data:
(a) Wall panel dimensions, cross section, edge details, reinforcing,
(b) Design Calculations.
(c) Location and details of anchorage devices and lifting devices
embedded in panel and connection details to building framing
(d) Location and details of anchorage devices provided for
attachment of wall panels to supporting structure.
(9) Section 03412 - Precast Prestressed Concrete
Shop Drawings:
(a) Connections to supporting construction as required by design.
(b) Location and size of all openings 10 inches in diameter, 10 inch
square and larger to be cast into member.


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