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(c) Headers for openings where additional structural work
(d) Reinforcing, including prestressing steel details.
(e) Minimum concrete compressive strengths at initial prestress
and 28 day, and the initial prestress to be applied.
(10) Section 04200 - Unit Masonry
Shop Drawings:
(a) Wall reinforcing
(b) Bond beams
(c) Lintels
(11) Section 05120 - Structural Steel
Shop Drawings
(12) Section 05400 - Cold-Forming Metal Framing
(a) Shop Drawings and Manufacturer's Literature.
(b) Design Calculations as necessary to indicate compliance with
load bearing requirements.
(13) Section 05500 - Metal Fabrication
Shop Drawings: Trench covers and frames, steel stairs, floor
gratings and frames.
(14) Section 06100 - Rough Carpentry
Shop Drawings: Structural glued laminated fabricated wood
trusses and other fabricated structural members.
(15) Section 06500 - Fiberglass Grating
Manufacturer's Data
Shop Drawings
(16) Section 08372 - Steel Sliding hangar Doors
Design Drawings and Calculations
Shop Drawings
Operating Drawing and Instruction
(17) Section 08315 - Blast Doors
Shop Drawing and Manufacturer's Data
Calculations Demonstrating Design Compliance


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