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C. Proposed deviations from the contract requirements - If the contractor
proposes a deviation from the contract requirements, it must be supported by the
following information:
(1) Reason for the proposed substitution.
(2) If material or equipment is unavailable, document efforts made to
(3) Complete technical data on the proposed substitution, sufficient to
determine acceptability.
(4) Acknowledge that all changes caused by the proposed substitution will
be the responsibility of the contractor and at no additional cost to the Government.
(5) Proposed change, if any, in the contract price and/or time.
These submittals shall be reviewed but not stamped. The A&E
comments/recommendations and reviewer action shall be noted on one copy of the
transmittal forms, the unstamped submittals and A&E cost estimate and forwarded to
the ROICC. Refer to Submittal Flow Chart #2.
Upon completion of review by LANTNAVFACENGCOM, the submittal
will be stamped, dated and signed, and distribution made to the contractor, ROICC,
and A&E.
A. When a submittal must be revised by the A&E due to such reasons as
changed Government requirements or correction of design deficiency, it must be
forwarded to this Command (Code 05) with an explanation for the new requirements
and the estimated change in contract price for the contractor to comply with the new
B.  Only certifications which state that the item submitted complies with the
contract requirements are acceptable. A statement that the item submitted is equal to or
better than the specified item will not suffice.
C. When a submittal cannot be reviewed within two weeks, the ROICC must
be advised of the estimated date of review completion.
D. The contractor has also been requested to submit three copies of his
submittal register to your office. It is requested that you review this register to assure
that all submittals required by the contract specifications have been included. If the


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