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B.  For items not available on GSA contract, the A&E will prepare adequate
specifications and other data, such as written justifications giving reasons why items
specified were not on GSA contracts, necessary for procurement actions.
C. The A&E shall select and coordinate all colors, fabrics, etc., with the colors
of the building finishes. Although building finishes are selected during design, the
A&E shall verify actual contractor applied finishes through field verification and/or
coordination with the ROICC staff.
D. Presentation boards of a minimum size of 15 x 20 inches shall be prepared.
These boards are to include furniture placement plan, catalog cut-outs of furniture,
furnishings and accessories, color samples, material swatches of draperies, carpets and
E.  A minimum of five interior design 8-1/2 x 11 inch binders/packages shall
be prepared and delivered to the Collateral Equipment Branch. These brochures shall
include but at A&E discretion are not limited to:
(1) Floor plans indicating locations of all furniture, furnishings and
accessories. These items should be identified with an item number that keys to the
presentation boards and the furniture procurement list.
(2) Procurement lists identifying all items to be purchased by stock
number (Federal Supply items), contract number (GSA contracts), identification
number and description (open purchase items), quantity, price, etc. Care shall be taken
in the selection of all items to ensure that delivery times are reasonably within the
construction completion time of the project, and GSA contracts will not be expired at
the time of purchase.
(3) Photographic color reproductions or color copies of the presentation
boards reduced to fit 8-1/2 x 11 inch brochure size.
(4) Purchase specifications, drawings and other supporting data for open
purchase and special order items, e.g., draperies, custom-built screens or dividers, art
work, etc.
F.  Advisory service as required to make changes resulting from changes in
requirements, nonavailability of items or materials previously selected, etc.
G. Room placement sheets should be provided for each room/area, listing
each item of furniture or equipment that will go into the area.


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