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(Williamsburg, French Provincial, Early American, etc.) figurines or "objects d'art", free
standing decorator items such as large world globes, leather covered furniture, and
original paintings or numbered prints, especially if signed by the artist, ornate
chandeliers and elaborate window coverings.
B.  Criteria for furniture selection shall include function, anthropometric
considerations, maintenance, durability, comfort and cost. Careful consideration shall
be given to coordination of building and furniture finishes and colors, also shelving,
storage and other similar tall or high density equipment should conform to fire
regulations regarding overhead clearances, density, etc.
C. Furniture selections should be made, to the greatest extent possible from
items available on General Service Administration (GSA) contracts. Selection of
substitutions for items on contract must be supported by detailed information and
documentation. This justification must accompany any waivers submitted to the GSA
requesting procurement for non-standard items.
D. Provide detailed working drawings and specifications for the
procurement, fabrication and installation of custom furniture, etc., from commercial
E.  Technical equipment, linens (except draperies and bedspreads),
housekeeping items and other equipment shall not be included in the procurement
At the Government's option, preparation of OMSI manuals is an A&E
OMSI manuals are developed during construction of a facility to provide the
Activity with the following:
Clear, comprehensive data needed to safely and efficiently operate and
maintain the actual products and systems built into a facility.
The principal OMSI elements which may be included in the manuals are:


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