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Projects which include GFE have unique problems which must be given
special attention. Specify thoroughly the contractor's responsibility for GFE.
The following suggestions pertaining to GFE are offered:
a. Ensure that GFE, including associated auxiliary equipment, is
adequately identified in the contract documents.
b. Indicate when the equipment will be available and where the
equipment is to be picked up by the contractor. Identify
transportation requirements for which the contractor is responsible.
c. Consider storage requirements for the equipment. If the contractor is
to provide storage, specify proper storage requirements.
d. Ensure that a complete and accurate data package for GFE is
available, and identify the data that will be furnished to the contractor
after contract award.
e. Require the contractor to verify, by field inspection, documentation
provided on items pertaining to GFE which may have a significant
impact on the installation of GFE or on contractor provided
equipment. For instance, if the contractor is providing an automatic
control switchboard for a Government furnished diesel generator, the
contractor should be required to verify the controls on the diesel
generator which must be coordinated for proper interface with the
Require the contractor to coordinate GFE with contractor provided
equipment. Include a requirement for the contractor to provide an
interconnecting wiring diagram showing connections between the GFE
and contractor provided equipment. The interconnecting wiring
diagram must be submitted with the contractor's submittal on the
contractor provided equipment.
g. Identify the contractor's responsibilities for the start-up and testing of
GFE. Coordinate this requirement with start-up and testing services
included with GFE. Contractor provided start-up and testing must be
performed by a qualified person, such as a representative of the
manufacturer of GFE.
h. The specification must specify the contractor's responsibilities for
installing and preparing GFE for start-up. The contractor must
accomplish the work normally performed by the contractor for
contractor provided equipment.
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