Quantcast Emergency Lights,Exit Lights, and Fire Protection Systems

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c. Provide 120 V, 15 A duplex receptacle (or other power source as
required by the activity providing telephone service (APTS)) within
3 feet of backboard. Power source shall be derived from circuit, free
of other loads, and dedicated strictly to the telephone system.
d. Provide #6 bare copper ground wire from backboard to the building
grounding electrode system, leaving minimum of 10 feet of wire at
backboard (i.e., enough to reach any location on backboard).
Provide power for emergency lights, exit lights, and fire protection systems in
the following manner:
a. Provide unit equipment (equipment with self-contained rechargeable
battery, battery charging means, and automatic transfer to and from
battery) for emergency lights, exit lights, and fire protection systems.
Specify LED type exit lights unless specifically instructed otherwise.
b. The branch circuit feeding the emergency lights and exit lights shall be
the same branch circuit as that serving the normal lighting in the area
and connected ahead of any local switches.
c. Provide power for the fire protection systems from the MDP.
- 208Y/120 V or 120/240 V systems
- Provide lock-on breaker in the MDP
- If more than one fire protection circuit is required, provide a
dedicated emergency panel (sized for a minimum of six circuits)
powered from the lock-on breaker in the MDP.
- 450Y/277 V systems
- Provide circuit from the MDP (as above) to a dedicated
emergency panel through a step-down transformer. Consider
using a packaged power supply for this transformer/emergency
panel combination. Size the emergency panel for a minimum of
six circuits.
- Locate the dedicated emergency panel near the MDP where
- In all cases paint the lock-on breaker in the MDP and the
dedicated emergency panel enclosure red. At the MDP, in
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