Quantcast Switchboards and Switchgear

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b. Voltage
c. Phase
d. Frequency (if other than 60 Hz)
e. Main amperes
f. Main breaker or lugs only
g. Surface or flush mounting
h. Minimum interrupting rating
Circuit number, wire size, breaker trip, load in amperes, and
identification of load associated with each branch or feeder. Please
note that identification of load must be specific. For example, the
directory marking should not merely indicate "lighting," but rather
"lighting, Room 102."
j. Total connected load
k. Any special requirements:
(1) GFI--ground fault interrupter
(2) SWD--rated for switching duty
1. Total number of poles
a. Provide. one-line diagram showing bus size, bus bracing, breaker frame
size, breaker trip setting, relays, and instruments.
b. Provide elevation drawings showing compartments, their intended use,
and instruments and controls.
c. Clearly indicate on the drawings that switchboards and switchgear must
be mounted on 4-inch elevated concrete pads. Coordinate design of
pad with structural engineer.
d. Fusible switchboards may be used only if such use is justified.
Attachment A-23


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