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A&E: An architectural firm, an engineering firm, or an architectural and engineering
firm engaged for design services.
Appendix A: The document that defines th e A&E's detailed scope of work to include
amount of construction funds available, activity points of contact, schedules for
submittals, etc.
Architect or Engineer in Charge (AIC/EIC): The individual within Cherry Point who
is designated as the point of c ontact on technical matters.
CAD: Computer Aided Drafting
CMC: Commandant of the Marine Corps
CNO: Chief of Naval Operations
COE: Corps of Engineers
CS: Contract Specialist, is the individual within the Contracts Office who is
responsible to ensure that regulations, laws, and procedures are complied with in the
award of a contract.
Contracting Officer: The Officer in Charge NAVFAC Contracts, Marine Corps Air
Station, Cherry Point, North Carolina. Only Contracting Officers are authorized to enter
into, modify and/or terminate contracts, issue final decisions on contract disputes, and
assign responsibility for conducting negotiations.
COTR: Contracting Officer' Technical Representative
DOD: Department of Defense
EFD: Engineering Field Division such as LANTNAVFACENGCOM
ES: Engineering services
FAR: Federal Acquisition Regulations
FED: Facilities Engineering Department, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point,
North Carolina. This department is responsible for technical review of A&E construction
contract documents. In certain cases, (i.e., fire alarm systems) technical reviews are
performed by LANTDIV (see next item) for the Facilities Engineering Department.


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