Quantcast Section 1. Definitions and General Guidance -Cont.

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LANTNAVFACENGCOM: Atlantic Division, Naval Facilities Engineering
Comman d, Norfolk, Virginia, often referred to as LANTDIV.
MCON: Military Construction - Navy
MILCON: Military Construction - DOD
NAVFACENGCOM: Naval Facilities Engineering Command, headquartered in
Alexandria, Virginia, often referred to as NAVFAC.
OICC: Officer in Charge of Construction
OMSI: Operation and Maintenance Support Information
PEP: Parametric Estimating and Programming which is the document prepared to
support a MCON project for Congress to approve the programming and appropriation
cycles. The PEP is a concept design effort and replaces the 0 -35% Design/Project
Engineering Documentation process. Preparation instructions are available for PEP.
Project Manager (PM): The individual within the Facilities Engineering Department
who serves as the Contracting Officer's primary representative assigned to a specific
project. Unless specifically directed otherwise, all liaison between the A&E and Cherry
Point will be conducted through the assigned PM. Variations to this standard procedure
will b e handled by special instructions prior to negotiation and award of the contract.
ROICC: Resident Officer in Charge of Construction at a specific station or facility
designated by the Contracting Officer. He/She is responsible for the field administrati on
of construction contracts.
All correspondence and submittals shall be addressed and mailed to:
Officer in Charge NAVFAC Contracts
Facilities Curtis Road MCAS
PSC Box 8006
Cherry Point, North Carolina 28533 -0006
For overnight deliveries:
Offic er in Charge of Construction/NAVFAC Contracts
Facilities Building 163 Curtis Road
MCAS (ATTN: Appropriate Person or Code)
Cherry Point North Carolina 28533 -0006


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