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the OIC NAVFAC Contracts, MCAS, Cherry Point, NC. All material for which
clearance is desired shall be submitted in duplicate.
It is Cherry Point' objective to obtain a functionally adequate, habitable, and
economical facility. In the design of all projects, it is the Navy's policy to provide
functional facilities of durability consistent with the mission. The A&E shall bear in
mind that the interest of the Government is to acquire facilities, which are economical in
design, construction, operation and maintenance. Accordin gly, although due
consideration shall be given to appearance, structures shall not entail frills and
embellishments and shall not be conceived on the basis of unnecessarily complicated and
costly construction systems, materials, or equipment.
Although th e above paragraph stresses economical design, the A&E is responsible to
assure compatibility of the new structure with the architectural character of the base
activity. For people oriented facilities such as Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ),
Bachelor Offi cers' Quarters (BOQ), dining facilities, lounges, recreation areas, libraries,
chapels and theaters, the A&E will be responsible for a totally integrated design.
Integrated design means the complete design of a facility, taking into consideration all
engi neering disciplines involved plus landscape architecture and complete interior design
for a comprehensively designed facility. An integrated design achieves harmony of site,
landscaping, building design and functional requirements.
Cherry Point' objective is to provide functional and economical shore facilities for
the Navy establishment. We are not in the research and development business.
Consequently, it is necessary to investigate thoroughly all -new materials that have not
been proven in the specific type of service involved, or whose promotion is based upon
unsupported statements and lists of supposedly satisfied users. Materials must be used in
a manner that will afford the maximum service at the lowest life cycle cos t. Operation
and maintenance costs must be weighed against initial costs to achieve maximum
economy. Before deciding upon a specific material for design or specification purposes,
the following points shall be considered:
a. Contemplated life of the fa cility.
b. Climatic and operating conditions.
c. Will material be used to the best advantage under contemplated conditions,
including aesthetics?
d. Is material a stock item or does it require special processing?
e. Availability of material in the area of usage.


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