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a. The NAVFAC Desi gn Awards Program is a biennial competition established
in 1997. The purpose of the program is "to recognize excellence in design activities,
design products, and associated management activities, and to publicize these
accomplishments as examples to be e mulated by others." Guidance is found in
LANTNAVFACENGCOMINST 5061.7, latest edition.
b. The Industrial Incentive Plan (IIP) provides recognition for performance by a
contractor in excess of contract requirements, in one or a combination of better pro duct,
speed of accomplishment, savings to the Government, and cooperation beyond the
contract terms to serve the convenience of the Command, the Navy, or the U. S.
Government. Guidance is found in LANTNAVFACENGCOMINST 4804.1, latest
c. The NAVFAC Specifications Award Program was implemented to recognize
construction specifications of superior quality. Guidance is found in the latest edition of
LANTNAVFACENGCOMINST 5061.7, and in NAVFACENGCOM letter 151 of 23
July 1996, available from Code 151 at NAVFAC Headquarters.
It is the policy of NAVFAC for all of its organizational elements to participate, as
appropriate, in these programs. For further information, contact the PM.
It is our policy to process partial payments. Generally, we process payment requests
associated with a consultant' "review submittal" (i.e., PEP, 35%, 90%, etc.) as required
by the project scope. Consultants shall wait 7 days after making submittal before sending
a payment request; this will allow t he COTR time to review the submittal before
authorizing payment (e.g. signing the invoice). Other progress payments can also be
made and will be processed when accompanied by adequate evidence of progress.
Requests for payment consist of an invoice, whi ch must contain a Contractor's
Invoice with original signature (NAVFAC Form 7300/41 (Rev 7/85) and a MCAS Cherry
Point A/E Project Accounting Form. Submit all invoices to:
Officer in Charge NAVFAC Contracts
Facilities Curtis Road MCAS PSC Box 8006
Cherry Point, North Carolina 28533 -0006
Sample copies of these forms addressed above are provided in the following pages.
Invoice submittals made incorrectly (i.e., invoice not signed, wrong contract number,
performance statement not extended, etc.) will be promptly returned to your firm for
correction. We will process all correct invoices in a timely manner. A Contractor's
Release (2 copies with original signatures) must accompany your final invoice.
If you have any questions concerning payment s, please contact the Contract
Specialist/Project Manager.


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