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As an alternate to the above, the A&E (where design error is clearly at fault) may
discharge the firm's financial responsibility through negotiation with, and direct payment
to, the contractor. This action must be participated in and sanctioned by the ROICC.
The A&E is restricted to the authorized contract scope of work provided in the
contract's Appendix A. Deviations from the scope include incorporating embellishments
within the project scope, increasing the cost above programmed amounts for the project,
increases in area, major changes in construction criteria, the inclusion of unauthorized
buildings or areas, or selections of specific systems or equipment without economic or
technical evaluation. The A&E is directly responsible to the Contracting Officer and any
requested deviation from the scope or elaborations within the scope must be brought to
the attention of the Contracting Officer.
It is the contractual responsibility of the A&E to design a facility, which can be
constructed within the funds available and meets the design energy targets. Refer to
Energy Conservation in the Basis of Design Section.
During the progress of the work, the A&E may expect minor changes in criteria
within the general scope of the project and should make necessary adjustments
accordingly. Generally the PEP or 35% design submittal is intended to clarify and
establish specified requirements of the project. Incorporation of Value Engineering ( VE)
comments of minor consequence, systems justified on pay back which should have been
evaluated during PEP or 35% design preparation, and changes in functional layout
occurring during review are considered within scope of the contract. Should major
chan ges in the scope of work be required, a contract modification will be issued.
A member or individual of the A&E firm shall be designated as the Point of Contact
(POC) and OIC NAVFAC Contracts, MCAS, Cherry Point, NC shall be so notified. As
such, the person shall be fully cognizant of the requirements of the performance schedule.
The POC will work directly with the assigned Cherry Point PM who will furnish design
guidance necessary for the successful execution of the work
Prior to submitting a fee proposal (unless exempted by the PM), it is the
responsibility of the A&E to visit and inspect the location of the work and to become
acquainted with all pertinent local conditions. All conferences with Station personnel
(in cluding telephone conversations, consultation, etc.) that involve some question of
scope, primary design element, or other consideration of basic import, shall be submitted
in writing by the A&E to the Project Manager. The general intent being that the PM will
be fully apprised of all factors affecting the project. The contract scope of work or
schedule of performance shall not under any circumstances be modified without a
contract modification.


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