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Structures and MIL-HDBK 1021, Airfield Pavement. The A&E shall contact the PM
prior to arriving on the station and obtain approval to dig, probe, sample or drill in order
to avoid injury or damage from encountering active utilities.
All project areas that require subsurface exploration (bore holes or test pits) during
the design stage or will require excavation during constructions shall be scanned for the
presence of existing underground utilities by the A&E design contractor (or sub -
consultant). This information, in conjunction with file drawing research (review of
existing as -builts fr om prior projects) and field survey location of above ground visible
utilities, shall be used by the A&E to create a site plan showing all known utilities in the
affected area. Depths to utilities shall be estimated whenever possible. All costs
associated with the location of existing utilities shall be the responsibility of the A&E.
For information purposes only, known utility locator sub -consultants currently doing
work at Cherry Point include Pro -Mark and No-Cuts. Other firms may offer competitive
Construction scheduling, i.e., sequence of events and time of construction, is required
to be submitted for all projects. For projects which involve interruptions of existing
building operations or major utility usage, it is the A&E's responsibility to discuss the
required outages and interruptions with the appropriate PM and operations personnel, and
establish a construction schedule for these interruptions in the contract specifications.
Where these outages and inter ruptions adversely impact the project costs or time for
completion, notify the PM. A brief description of the restrictions and their basis may be
Occupational safety and health standards are appli cable to A&E contracts. The
Department of the Army, Corps of Engineers, Safety and Health Requirements Manual,
Federal, State, and local laws, rules, regulations, and special requirements established
during fee negotiations shall form the basis of those r equirements. Our particular concern
is directed to individual safety during performance of contract requirements while on
Marine Corps property. The A&E of record (hereinafter referred to as the contractor) has
the primary responsibility of assuring the safety and health of the firm's personnel while
on Marine Corps property.
The safety plan submitted to the Government shall be for information purposes only.
The contractor shall contact the designated activity point -of-contact prior to each visit
to the site.
a. Procedures for Preparing Permit Application:


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