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3.3.1 35% SUBMITTAL
This submittal allows Cherry Point to review and concur with the A&E's
interpretation of the functional and organizational requirements of the project. This
submittal is intended to clarify and establish specific requirements for the project.
Elements will include: For projects in AutoCAD, Versions 2000/2002 shall be used
and all computer aided drafting (CAD) compact discs (CDs) (with individual CAD
drawing files BOUND prior to writing to CD) shall be forwarded to the PM at the 35%
submittal .
(1) Drawings with a minimum of the following:
(a) Civil site and utility plan.
(b) Architectural floor plans, including room names and dimensions;
furniture footprint plan reflecting and including an updated collateral equipment list
coordinated with the activity; finish schedule, roof plan, elevations, and typical wall
(c) Structural to include foundation plan, floor framing and roof framing
(d) Mechanical site plan, plumbing floor plan showing fixtures and
equipment location, HVAC floor plan showi ng equipment locations, one or two line duct
layout, preliminary piping runs, mechanical room plans showing major equipment and
maintenance access space and legends.
(e) Electrical site plan, lighting floor plan and fixture schedule, power
floor plan, specia l systems (telecommunications, FA, CATV, CCTV, intercom, etc.) floor
plan(s), one -line diagrams and/or power riser diagrams and legends.
NOTE: Electrical floor plans should indicate proposed number and location
of fixtures, outlets, devices, etc., but should not indicate any conduit or cable runs.
Electrical floor plans should also indicate proposed location and space required for
electrical equipment such as transformers, switchboards, panel boards,
telecommunication equipment, etc.
(2) Basis of Design - See Section 4.
(3) Preliminary Color Design - See Section 4.3.
(4) Outline Specification - See Section 6.
(5) Cost Estimate - See Section 7. For bid items, if estimated construction cost
exceeds the established budget, identify potential additive bid items per Section 6.12.


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