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(6) Geo-technical reports and foundation studies.
(7) Proposed construction schedule and schedule of major utility outages. See
Section 2.9.
(8) Calculations - Include to the extent required by the Basis of Desi gn. See
Section 4.
(9) Energy Conservation Documents (Analyses). See Section 4.6.4.
(10) Dust and Erosion Control Plan. See Section 4.5.8.
(11) Storm water Management Plan. See Section 4.5.13.
NOTE: The basis of design and outline specifica tion should be combined into a
single bound document. Other elements must be separate.
Distribution and number of copies is Activity/project specific and will be provided by
the PM in the contract's Appendix A.
A technical r eview is required to ensure compliance with Navy, DOD and Non -DOD
requirements, construction adequacy, and a functional check. The A&E should submit
plans and specifications in final form from his viewpoint, thus preventing time -
consuming reviews of incom plete plans and specifications.
Each 35% or previous review comment sent to the A&E shall be returned with
each comment addressed. If the comment was incorporated into the design, a response
shall so indicate. If the comment was not incorporated, an e xplanation shall be provided
for not doing so.
(1) Plans - coordinated, checked, and complete from the A&E viewpoint (except
for NAVFAC drawing numbers).
(2) Mechanical Drawings - Area for tube, coil, filter, etc., removal must be shown
dotted and labeled. Piping and equipment isometrics should be included for all but the
simplest systems. If space is limited, show dotted in major equipment from other trades;
air compressor, domestic hot water heater, electrical panels, etc. Consider use of 3-D
isometric layout for spaces that are crowded. Prior to final submittal an overlay should
be made of plumbing, mechanical, electrical and communication equipment in the space
to verify required clearances and access space. The sequence of opera tion, control
diagrams, and point schedules for the temperature control system should be shown on the


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