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The basis of design should be a bound presentation of facts sufficiently complete per
the following suggested format to expedite Cherry Point's review of the preliminary
submittal. Detailed design computations, sizing of members or conductors, details of
connections, etc., are not necessary with the basis of design, but general computations
supporting system selection are required.
The Criteria Manual is MIL-HDBK-1190 (latest edition ), Facility Planning and
Design Guide.
The following guidance is written around new building type construction. Where a
project consists primarily of mechanical, electrical, structu ral, or another discipline, the
basis of design shall provide more detailed information for the major discipline.
a. Statement of the type of construction adopted with reference to the occupancy,
anticipated tenure of usage, degree of fire resistance, and maximum allowable floor areas
and number of stories allowed by the Uniform Building Code.
b. Statement as to the type of thermal insulation to be provided, when required, and
the value of the U factors for the various portions of the structure, i.e., roof, walls, floor,
etc. Also provide description of all architectural energy conserving features to be
incorporated, including any passive solar systems. Refer to the Energy Conservation
Section for additional information. Refer to AS HRAE Standard 90.1 - 1989, Section 8.5
(latest edition) for determining U factors instead of previous DOD criteria.
c. Provide a one page narrative description of the preliminary color design concept
addressing Architectural finishes and colors. Describ e materials for all major items of
construction and all interior and exterior finishes. The description of finishes (colors,
textures, and patterns) shall be accomplished by the use of a finish schedule, color legend
and notes. The finish schedule on the drawings shall identify interior building material
finishes (A&E may choose room -by-room name or number format). For the completed
project all reference to building colors shall be on the drawings in the color legend that is
referenced to the finish sche dule. Any finishes not referenced in the color code columns
of the finish schedule should be in either the comment section or color notes. Provide a
generic color board referencing the narrative.
d. A description of items not considered to be a permane nt part of the structure, such
as workbenches, shelving, bins and removable partitions.


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