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b. Statement of the type of construction adopted, and reason therefor, with capacity,
dimensions, or other size criteria, and list of material selected with design strengths.
c. Special features to be included in the structure, which are not evident from the
d. Description of the structural floor and roof systems proposed, with length, spacing
and size of principal members (for beam and girder, etc.).
e. Description of the Lateral Force Resisting System proposed with appropriate
materials and dimensions.
f. Statement of live loading to be used, to include floor loads , wind, snow, earthquake,
etc., with data to justify.
g. Statement of any special considerations that affect the design (e.g., super flat floors
for high stacking warehouses, special corrosion resistance requirements, retractable roofs,
h. Contact the cognizant PM for extent of crane design required. Include special
considerations as to crane and monorail requirements; i.e., special architectural -structural
considerations, area of service, and type of system.
i. The usual accepted means of str uctural system selection is economy. Demonstrate
this with computations of various appropriate framing systems and cost comparisons of
each, including:
(1) Typical bay member sizing and cost comparisons of alternate structural
(2) Horizontal force resisting system for wind and earthquake;
(3) Consideration of unusual geometry (long span, high bay, deep cuts, etc.);
(4) Consideration of heavy equipment supports.
a. Provide site plan showing layout and utili ty connections. It is Cherry Point's policy
that site plans shall be drawn to a scale of 1" = 25' whenever feasible, allowing for ease
of conversion to the metric system and aid in the eventual compilation and updating of
utility and planning maps.


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